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Cryptozoology - A Paracon Panel

This week we return to Eastern Panhandle Parcon by presenting to you Frank J. Bennett's Cryptozoology panel.

Note: 1) This is his content we are just sharing it for your enjoyment. and for those who a) couldn't come to  Eastern Panhandle Paracon Panel and b) or missed the panel  2) Due to the size of where the panels were located a minute or so was cut. What was cut was unboostable questions and fan interactions because either the P.A. System and/ or our condenser microphone was unable to pic up, again due to venue size. 3) None of Mr. Bennett's content was cut just boosted to make it a smedge easier to hear. 4) We encluded the banter in the begining of the panel to show to show how much fun Mr. Bennett was to speak with personally as well as professionally

Also again thanks to Eastern Panhandle Paracon and Frank J. Bennett for letting us do this.



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Crusing A Hostful To And From Mel’s Hole

Big Candy and The Godfather once again get together. this time to talk about the Alex Ross signing event in Winchester, a minor recap and update of the Mel's Hole Saga, plus new Mothman sightings, Wrestlemania and wrestling talk, Big Candy wanting to get a new console, Nintendo Switch launch news. Plus Preditor vs King Kong smackdown and talking about the continueing Youtube drama/ issues. And More!


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