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Episode 2: Throwback episode 1

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This our first throwback episode, we go back to the Electric Eye's second episode. this episode was referenced in our first episode. And in this throwback we talk about going to conventions, read some mail and talk about cursing.

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Episode 1: The Reunion Show

Despite our Godfather having to boost audio in quite a few spots here we go!

We are now introduced to fellow co-hosts Zombie Bunny and Big Candy. 
And in this episode The Godfather and Big Candy explain how this show is a type of reunion show of sorts and how they pioneered the geek talk trend before Nerdist, yet admit Nerdist made it a success. then with Zombie Bunny, the gang moves on to all aspects of convention going.from the ticket holder to the dealer. harp on how cosplayers can be rude and why steampunk may or may not be a thing. 

a non spoiler review of the new terminator movie is given by The Godfather and Big Candy 
plus the gang talks bout music what they are watching and more.
as mentioned the Four State slasher con web site is:

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