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Wondering What The Reviews Are

In this episode the gang give a good, bad and ugly review of several events that both the Godfather and Big Candy went to. Starting with the good being FOur State Slasher Con and ending with the ugly involving an event that lead to the godfather being asked to leave.

They then talk about Star Wars theories and the new anti-slave leia hate and it being banned.the issue with Starbucks and MST3K trying to come back.
We then start to review what we got from the great guys at Skeleton Crue Brand
we also talk about Thanksgiving and the review the youtuber Jinx found here: and get caught up with Zombie Bunny and her making costumes.
We also review the fall tv shows we watched. 
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Four State Slasher Con the Final Chapter of Interviews

In this our final episode in our Four State Slasher Con series we combine two short interviews into one great episode.  Please forgive the sound quality we did try and clean it up the best we could.

In the first half of the episode we speak with Genoveva Rossi about working in the indie movie scene, being a scream queen, promoting Attack of the Killer Chickens, her career, and more! 
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In the second half of the show we speak with Daniel Beer of Creepshow 2 and Point Break fame. We talk about this being his first horror convention, his memories from both films and how sparked a certain movement way before a Marvel movie.
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