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One Rogue Wonderland: A Star Wars Panel

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming up The Godfather has decided to release Winter Pop And Comic Wonderland's Star Wars panel first.

The Panel was hosted by Aaron Clutter of and he was joined by/ chatted with John Morton from Empire Strikes Back, Nalini Krishan from Attack of the Clones and Felix Silla from Return of the Jedi about their place in movie history with this amazing franchise!

Special thanks goes to Aaron Clutter' from for allowing  us to record their panel at the show. So  Show them some love by visiting their website, their Facebook page ( ) and their Twitter ( )


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Reviewing A Winter Wonderland Of A Convention

In this episode our Godfather calls an audible by going solo for not only his review of the Winter Pop and Comic Wonderland but what it was like being a vendor there. As a special treat our Godfather provides us with interviewa with fomer W.W.E. wrestler Snitsky and independent comic writer Trevor Vevasis


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