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Our Conversation With Timothy McLaughlin

Posted in geek, discussion, geek life, movie discussion, horror movies, Q and A, guest, skype, conversation, actor, open dicussion, interview, call by thelongcoatmafia on January 18th, 2021

Actor/ Director/ Writer Timothy McLaughlin joins our Godfather to talk about indie movies, how outlets like Youtube can allow creators to experiment and hone their craft, 2020 being a bummer, and a whole lot more. 

(Note: Due to the fact we talk about 2020 being bummer. We wish to mention that if 2020 took you down a dark road to please seek help. If need be use the  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255)

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Our 2019 John Johnson Interview - A Darkstone Entertainment Retrospective

This week our Godfather dives into the show's history and pulls out a personal favorite. A.K.A. his John Johnson interview. So sit back, hear a new intro to the interview. the hear John Johnson talk about becoming a filmmaker, his process, his films and more!


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