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Becoming Your Character Featuring The Fantastical Vanity - A Nerd Squat/ Main Street Comic Con Panel

This week we continue our Nerd Squat/ Main Street Comic Con Panel series with the panel titled "Becoming Your Character" which features members of The Fantastical Vanity. So hear these young ladies talk about what goes goes into becoming their characters, if you will, and how it can apply to becoming your character. Some of the topics include wigs, makeup, outfits, and more! So check out this episode today.


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Former WWE Wrestler Snitsky Q And A A Four State Comic Con Panel

This episode we present to you the Snitsky Q and A panel we were graciously given permission to record at Four State Comic Con this past March 23rd 2019. Hear Snitsky talk about wrestling, his career, and more!

Note: 1) This is not our content. it is that of Snitsky and Four State. We are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn't come to Four State Comic Con and b) or missed the panel. 2) Our trusty USB microphone was the only Microphone used. 3) We didn't really trim anything due to Snitsky's style. Over all none of the panel content was cut. Some parts were boosted in volume so you can hear the question. 4) this panel may not be safe for work.
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