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Stripping to John Wick

Though we morn the loss the gentleman who gave our show an official voice we turn tad bit back to our raunchy roots before talking about Avengers: Endgame fan theories, several passings including voice of out show "spike" Riel, Arnold Schwarzenegger getting attacked, who will be the next Batman, and a movie discussion which includes John Wick, Bleach, and Disney's Black Hole. Listen now today! 


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Rampaging Past A Ready Player One That Gives The Outcome Wrestlmania With Joe

This week a new guest host named Joe joins the Godfather to talk about Wrestling but the results and the predictions that were made about Wrestlemania 34, Coast to Coast Am's founder, Art Bell's passing, finally seaning Ready Player One, Fortnight and gaming news, new news of what is happining with Stan Lee, and a whole lot more!



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