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A Zombie Halloween Special - A Slacker And The Man Rehash Kinda Sorta

This week for the sake of Halloween our Godfather shares an episode of the defunct podcast Slacker and The Man pertaining to zombie survival.  In this particular episode, dating back to the first year of their show, The Man and the original Slacker discuss everything needed for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Listen to how it differs from last year's Slacker and The Man Retrospective.


Because Slacker And The Man is mostly defunct as of putting together this episode you can still find them here:





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Trailer Trash: An Audio Journal Of A Film Journal

In this episode our Godfather shares not only his Q and A with Don Ramirez and Sixta (later in the show), but a quasi panel/ discussion/ panel/ promo/ supplement with Don Ramirez, Sixta, Maria and Earl Hairston! in regards to the event​ at AREA 31in beautiful downtown Frederick, Maryland this past Saturday, October 21st. The event was a rare screening of Don Ramirez's "TRAILER TRASH A FILM JOURNAL" complete with Q and A and discussion after the documentary was shown.

Watch "Trailer Trash: A Film Journal" for free on YouTube by clicking this link:


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