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The Weirdness And Randomness That Happened When Our Cohost Returns

This week our co-host Big Candy finally returns to join the Godfather in the Daily Grind "studio" to talk about a potpourri of things. Some of the things discussed were not just a year/ decade in review, but finding a Tiny Toy Batman, getting new to us ps4 with a copy of Borderlands 3, celebrity weirdness, our new mixer, and a whole lot more. So check out this week's episode to hear everything that was talked about and laughed about.


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Talking Bigfoot With E.C.B.R.O.’s Daniel Benoit

This week guest Daniel Benoit joins the Godfather to talk about not just his research on Bigfoot but about this mythical beast, the E.C.B.R.O. and more. So listen today.

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