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It’s May The 4th Time For A Star Wars Day Special

This week the Death Star has aligned with the planets to give us a proper excuse to do a Star Wars Day special. Thus in the first part of this Star Wars themed episode we share a short Star Wars themed creepypasta titled "Red Zero" written by DarthGrizzly. The in the second part of this episode we bring you a Four State Comic Con Star Wars panel that was recorded back in 2016 featuring John Morton from Empire Strikes Back, Nalini Krishan from Attack of the Clones and Felix Silla from Return of the Jedi and hosted by Aaron Clutter of Lastly our Godfather shares some tales of meeting several Star Wars actors as a fan. So listen today.


Note: We do not own the rights to, nor write any creepypasta we just read them..... poorly.


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A Panel That’s Afraid Of A Microphone A.K.A.: Paranormal Inc. - A Paracon Panel

Once again we back to Eastern Panhandle Paracon which happened back in July of 2018. And once again hear our Godfather go into an almost 10 minute rant about how the presenters of this panel refused to use any of the available microphones and at times seemed to whisper.


Due to the panel being mostly bad we will not share the presenter's links, but will say the following:

1) Outside of the rant we do not lay claim of any of the content that the listener can make out from the panel


2) This "panel" if you will was at the start of editing was close to if not more than an hour long. Due to the presenters whispering, or talking so low no audio could be properly boosted,  long pauses in presentation, and presenters rambling near the end and seemingly not knowing how to properly ending a panel. Over 15 minutes of the panel was taken out. Blame those from Paranormal Inc. not us.


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