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The First Convention Panel We Ever Did. A.K.A. The Crow Panel - A Four State Slasher Con Retrospective

This week our Godfather shares with all of you in his retrospective series the first panel he was asked to moderate. That panel was with actress Rochelle Davis who played Sarah in the movie "The Crow". 



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Our First Convention Panel with Rochelle Davis about “The Crow”

Greetings. This is a special episode. For on Saturday October 17th we hosted our first panel at a convention in Winchester, Va called "Four State Slasher Con". The panel we hosted was all about tthe movie "The Crow", and our special guest was Rochelle Davis who played Sara in the movie. We talked all about her experiences on set, the actors she worked with and answers what she has been doing since "The Crow" and more! plus her 1 year old pitbull Clara decides she wishes to have some attention on the show which we allow

We wish to thank Four State Slasher Con for allowing us to do the panel but Rochelle Davis for being a great guest.

More Four State Slasher Con interviews to come, too!

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