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The Daily Grind Of Youtube, E3, And A Hostful

This week Big Candy and the Godfather come together at the Martinsburg Daily Grind to talk about not just E3, Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077 presentation, YouTube's Voxpocalypse, why those here in Martinsburg seemingly ignore events in town dispite what little Main Street Martinsburg does, a review about the New Borderlands 2 DLC and how it and what Gearbox is doing is still Better than Bungie is now doing with Destiny, what Big Candy thought of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and a whole lot more!


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Comic Book Artist Ken Hunt - A Four State Comic Con Interview

This week we present to you our interview with comic book artist Ken Hunt that we got back October at Four State Comic Con. 

In this interview ken talks about how he got started drawing, his style, his influences, how campaign sites like Kickstarter are helping independent comic creators get a reach, some advice for budding and veteran artist alike and more!


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