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It’s Totally Radical When We Chat With The Geek World Order And A Princess Of Darkness

In this ultra long double header of an episode Randy from Geek World Order/ Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast and Sasha The Princess Of Darkness swing by the show's virtual studio in their own way. In the first part of the show Randy, direct from recording his podcast, Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast, to talk Star trek, podcasting and more. The in the second Sasha Sasha The Princess Of Darkness to not just chat with us as well but to talk Disney censoring movies, the potential live action Spiderverse news and more. Listen today!


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Announcing A Test Call To Hogwarts And The SCP Foundation

In this simple short episode the Godfather in an experiment to test out a new way to record Skype takes you the listener along as he calls both Hogwarts And The SCP Foundation. So give a listen then email us telling us how things came out!



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