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Don’s Interview With The Drivin Beats AKA Documenting Indie Bands

It's been a while since we had an episode pertaining to music. On Saturday July 13th we got that chance to get that content. This is due to the fact that Don Ramirez while documenting Frederick's Underground Art/ Music scene invited us to not just sit in on his interview with Andrew (A.K.A.: Mr. Drew Star) and Kevin (A.K.A.: Mr. Buddy Love) from the band The Drivin Beats at the Let There Be Rock School, but record that interview as well. We can't thank Don, Andrew, and Kevin enough for letting us record this, as well as the Let There Be Rock School record there.

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Necroman Ashcan Release A Four State Comic Con Panel

In this episode we present to you the Necro-man #2 Ashcan Release panel we were graciously given permission to record at Four State Comic Con this past March 23rd 2019.

This panel features Mark Scholl (writer/ creator of Necro-Man), Jason Seaux (artist for Necro-Man), and Josh (Podcaster, Victims and Villians).
Note: 1) This is not our content. it is that of Josh, Mark, and Jason. We are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn't come to Four State Comic Con and b) or missed the panel. 2) Our trusty USB microphone was the only Microphone used. 3) We trimmed only a few seconds of dead air. Over all none of the panel content was cut.
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