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When the Internet Goes Down The Executive Sound Machine Comes Out An Electric Eye Classic

In this classic Electric Eye episode after the internet goes down for Big Candy and the Godfather for about a week talk about the internet and how the internet has effected them since it has grown and become mainstream.

Note: Social media links for the Electric Eye are defunct and don't work because the Electric Eye no longer exists outside of re-airings here.

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A 2008 Baltimore Comic Con Review With A Borrowed FanBoy A.K.A. A Retro Electric Eye Episode

Back in 2008 The Godfather and Big Candy borrowed fan of the Electric Eye, MadEye Marky, and not only took him, MadEye, to Baltimore Comic Con and had him record a few episodes.


In this recording The Godfather and MadEye Marky talk about not only their thoughts Baltimore Comic Con, but other shows they've been to and how Baltimore compaired to them.


Once more this is a former podcast the Godfather and Big Candy ran. Thus all links and email pertaining to The Electric Eye no longer exist due to the show now being defunct. Please use all links for The Long Coat Mafia, (below).


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