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When Can Halo Reach For A Review

Posted in geek, review, discussion, geek life, video games, video game review, conversation, xbox, halo, rants, fluff and filler, gaming, solo by thelongcoatmafia on December 9th, 2019

On Tuesday December 3rd, Halo: Master Chief Collection received not only a huge update, but gained Halo Reach as a DLC as well. So this week Our Godfather goes over the changes and reviews the new DLC and more.


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Getting Weekly Updates From A Bad Convention And A Busy Reaper

This week Big Candy returns through Skype to update everyone in regards to what happened to hurt himself, the plethora of celebrity passings, Alison Mackgetting arrested for sex trafficing, Fortnite, Destinly 2 and other gaming news, spend a few minutes talking about food and our favorite places to get good food, and a whole lot more so listen now!




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