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Racing To an Interview with Brett Rose

Posted in geek, discussion, geek life, Q and A, guest, conversation, open dicussion, nascar, Racing, interview, edutainment by thelongcoatmafia on February 24th, 2020

This week we return to our "studio" at the local coffee shop the "Daily Grind" to speak with Brett Rose who is a not just a local race car driver, but a journalist and Media and Public Relations Director at Hagerstown Speedway about racing, a race car driver, promoting the Hagerstown speed way and a whole lot more.

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ConCERNing a Classic Electric Eye That’s Turning On Cern

In a bizarre evet a Mandela Effect has  occured and we go back to a classic episode of  the Electric Eye. In this episode The Godfather and Big Candy not only talk about the International Hadron Collider (A.K.A Cern) being turned on before turig their attention to the comics they picked up, and more!




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