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A Conversation With Earl - A Blue Collar Jedi Retrospective

This week we use the retrospective machine to reintroduce to all of you one of the show's most popular guests. The Blue Collar Jedi himself, Earl Hairston. Over the years Earl has been on several times sharing his poetry, talents, and skills. Though this wasn't his first time on the show, but check out him sharing his poetry and excerpts from his book " I Saw Your Mother Crying", being a poet, and much, much more.

As stated in this retrospective if you are looking to overcome addiction please find and get help. If you are in recovery from addiction , you are not alone. Keep up the fight, You can overcome.

Also as stated the statements made by Earl Hairston are his and do not reflect those of his team or any one particular organization. Plus there there is the occasional obscenity. (Thus the explicit tag.) You have be dutifully warned and disclosed.

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T’was The Night Before Xmas - A Winter Holiday Story/ Poem Reading

Posted in readings, classic, poetry, Deep Dive, story time, fluff and filler, story, solo by thelongcoatmafia on December 24th, 2018

Our Godfather reads the classic holiday story/ poem "T'was The Night Before Christmas" By Clement Clarke Moore.

Note: we do not own any rights to the stories we read. Nor do we write them. We just read them. Poorly. We do give credit when it's provided. 

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