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Michele Knotz And Samantha Newark Interviews - A Four State Comic Con Retrospective

Though due to recent events causing Four State Comic Con to cancel their spring show, we at The Long Coat Mafia Podcast have decided to a "retrospective series". Starting this week we will post earlier coverage of past Four State Comic Con shows mixed in with anything else that might come up. This week we honor the fact Four State Comic Con's Spring show would have had 2 voice actors by sharing our interviews with Michele Knotz (voice of Team Rocket's Jessie from the "Pokemon" series) and Samantha Newark (voice of Jem and Jerrica from the cartoon "Jem")


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From Tales Of BronyCon To Otakon And Beyond

This week special guest Blaine joins the GodFather to talk about his experiance at BronyCon, this year being the next to last year for it and chime in as the Godfather's initial thoughts on Otakon. Plus they discuss what happened to a Youtuber at Gencon, and more!


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