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Art Vs The Cronapocalypse - Our Sleep Be Danged Frederick Art Archive Team Up Special

This week our Godfather looses some sleep as he wandered over to the local Apollo Civic Theater to help Don Ramirez and those at the Frederick Underground Art Archive document their event titled Art Vs The Cronapocalypse. So check out not just what happened while we were there, but a new interview with Will from the Let There Be Rock School today.


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Trailer Trash: An Audio Journal Of A Film Journal

In this episode our Godfather shares not only his Q and A with Don Ramirez and Sixta (later in the show), but a quasi panel/ discussion/ panel/ promo/ supplement with Don Ramirez, Sixta, Maria and Earl Hairston! in regards to the event​ at AREA 31in beautiful downtown Frederick, Maryland this past Saturday, October 21st. The event was a rare screening of Don Ramirez's "TRAILER TRASH A FILM JOURNAL" complete with Q and A and discussion after the documentary was shown.

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