Cosplay With LaineyCat and Austin A Four State Comic Con Panel

In this panel from Four State Comic Con LaineyCat and Austin talk about doing cosplay and discuss everything from original designs to gander bends and more. So if you wish to know more about cosplay and cosplaying this may be a great panel to listen to start your journey.


Note: 1) This is not our content. it is LaineyCat's and Austin's. We are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn't come to Four State Comic Con and b) or missed the panel. 2) Due to some minor technical difficulties at the start but still entertaining it was still included, but cut for time. Yet once the panel itself got underway, for the most part, was not cut for time. What was cut was a question that the mics did not pick up, but the answer that was given made it seem the question was not asked. If the question is ever given we at the show will be glad to add it here.


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