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In this our second host based episode we not only talk about the controversies pertaining to Slave Leia, but give shout outs to Johnny Johnson and those at Darkstone Entertainment ( www.darkstone-ent.com/index2.html ) and the geek rock band sci-fried. 

We pay respects to the passing of the great "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. as well as talk all about video games, from what we hat to what we love, why we, at the show prefer consoles over pcs, and what we are playing. we also talk about some gaming controversies and the possibilities of another gaming crash and why youtubers like "Angry Joe" may help prevent it. The Rev explains why he hates the game "Destiny" and more.
The crew ends up talking bout Ronda Rousey, other spots and sports betting fun before they sign off.
The 8 - bit style music is taken form sci - fried's song "leveling up" off their free album "8 Bit Instrumentals", off their website at www.sci-friedband.com/. Not only can get that album but other actual free songs and buy the albums they do have for sale. Please, support them 'cause we said please.

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