My Spiritual Journey - An Eastern Panhandle Paracon Panel

This panel was done by Lorie Johnson, from Twisted Paranormal Society. 

Note: 1) this is her content we are just sharing it for your enjoyment. and for those who a) couldn't come to  Eastern Panhandle Paracon Panel and b) or missed the panel  2) 6 minutes of this panel was cut out due to the fact the presenter walked away from the podium and not bringing the P.A. system microphone with her. plus during her time away from the podium she spoke so low boosting was pointless 3) Yes the Godfather goes on a rant about this, and yes he left it in. 4) due to the size of where the panels were located expect the unboostable questions and fan interaction to be cut due to either the P.A. System and/ or our condenser microphone was unable to pic up.

Also again thanks to Eastern Panhandle Paracon and Twisted Paranormal Society for letting us do this.


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