Rantings Of A Marvel Panel To A Comic Book Show And A Funny Call With Doctor Who

Flying solo in this weird cutting of an episode our Godfather rants and reacts to the closed panel that was had between Marvel Comics and independent retailers and how Marvel's over promoton of diversity is hurting sales and why the apolo theater isn't having the haunted theater this year and the drama be hind it.

Speaking of drama the Godfather speaks about the possible issues with the new female Doctor Who, the upcoming season, and the show's low ratings before talking about the low ratings that some shows on the CW Network are having, how Nielson Ratings are gathered, and reviews those shows while talking about why some of those show might be getting such low ratings. 

To close out the show the Godfather tells how he recieved a phone number that not only promotes "The Disaster Artist" but is linked to being occasionally answered by actor James Franco as well as a phone number that still promots Tommy Wiseau's "The Room". Yes he calls both so stick with the show to hear what happens.


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