Retiring a Wrestling Deadpool Due to Fair Use on Youtube

In this episode Zombie Bunny, The Godfather and Big Candy are not only in the same room together but finally and officially get to use the new equipment,

That being said the gang make some more Four State Retro Pop and Comic Con announcements, including the panel they will be doing there at the show Saturday April 30th.
After those announcements they announce what film maker Johnny Johnson from Darkstone Entertainment is up to with a new possible web series based on the game 7th Guest
Next they go into they talk about the waves that were made over the past month on youtube with the Fine Brothers, React channels getting some heat and now the What's the Fair use issue.
After some minor topics they talk about daniel bryan's retirement from wrestling and the w.w.e.
From there they move to talking about the Deadpool movie, the show X-files and more
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