The Daily Grind Of A Ghostbusters Review

In this short episode after suffering a user end id10t error probblem with the equipment The Godfather and Zombie Bunny talk about the show bing a year old, the CS:Go scandal, the NES mini and review Independence Day: Resurgence and the new Ghostbusters movie.

Note: Due to where Zombie Bunny works she has only seen clips of the new Ghostbusters movie, and thus give a full opinion and fully counter my review. She has told me she does plan on seeing it, When she does our Godfather has told her she cain either record her own review on her phone or when they meet for the next host based episode he can give her review. If she chose to record the review depending on it's length he will included it as part of the show or make it a "one shot". Either way she will not be interrupted. The Godfather Stands by that.