Three Interviews at the Apollo Rocky Horror Style

The week before Halloween (October 24th 2015) we spoke with Apollo Civic Theatre Director Michael Noll about the  Apolloween Event that was going on, the haunted theater, the history of the Apollo Civic Theatre and what's to come at the theatre.

We then speak with Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast director Jessica about what the shadow cast does, what the allure of Rocky Horror, the possible stigmata of Rocky Horror and what it like to be a fan and more.

Our last our Apollo interview is Jenifer Roberts and talks about the Monster Bash event, the Paranormal Investigations that go on at the theatre and both Jenifer and our Godfather share the haunting activity that has occurred at the theatre. 

we end our show by talking to few of the rocky horror fans that were waiting outside about the show they werer going to see.

The Apollo Civic Theatre's website:
We'd include the Apolloween website but word has it that it may have been "Hacked" and if anything is hiding in the site we don't wish to infect others.
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