When We Use Animal Arithmetic To Return To Otakon 2021

This week we share an interview we got with one of the folks behind Animal Arithmetic, KDFoxx, at Otakon 2021. In the this interview KDFoxx and the Godfather talk about Animal Arithmetic, being an indie creator, diversity in anime and comics, and a whole lot more. Check it out today!


(Episode Note: 1) due to our laptop not wanting to broadcast sound we referred to KDFoxx in our intro as Kenya, which maybe KD's real name if she hears this and prefers KDFoxx we severely apologize. And 2) we sound muffled due to mask mandates that were in effect at the time.)

As Always Please Note: Though we won't be posting often, and differently when we do, we still plan un uploading/ posting so please stick with us.


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Website: https://www.animalarithmetic.com/

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/animalarithmetic/animal-arithmetic-beasts-of-burden


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