youtube to the 501st scifi legend

In this the first (and hopefully the last) episode we had to remove audio (editor's note: listen to the episode "wondering what the reviews are" to find out why)

We first speak with youtuber Matt Magnone (A.K.A. Matt3756) about what he does as a youtuber, youtube and how it can compares to a podcaster, his fans and more! Matt's YouTube Channel is:
We then speak with the legendary Sci-Fi actor Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 (original)) about his time in hollywood, Ed Wood, the indie film aspect of hollywood. All he asked of us and those who listen was to contact him (his address is in the show).
Lastly we speak with Jeremy "Jay" from the Star Wars group 501st Legion (Website: ) about the group, how to join, what they do and the new Star Wars movie coming out.
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