The Crew

The Rev Godfather

The Rev Godfather A.K.A "The Rev" is not only the show's "Godfather" he is an officially internet ordained reverend as well. The Rev not only does the show but helps out at the local library and at one of the many local soup kitchens as well.


BigCandy hails from parts unknown. This bearded punk rocking high flyer is not only a great family man and _our_ co-host, but a local artist and volunteer for a lot of events in the area he currently resides.

Zombie Bunny

Zombie Bunny is not only the show's first and only female co-host, she is _our_ female co-host. Zombie Bunny is also an artist but a cosplayer as well.

Loyd  (A. K. A.: Bob)

Loyd is _our_ part time co-host, full time Pearl Jam fan, and only regular co-host who uses his real name (or does he?). Loyd brings not only logic and reason to the show but s healthy dose of sarcasm st times as well.

"Eye" Gore

"Eye" Gore is the show's mascot. His origin is thus: Ivan "Eye" Gore a teenage Russian legal immigrant became a runner for the Rev and BigCandy. During a message run to a crazy inventor there was an accident on the inventor's end, and poor Ivan got hit with alot of unknown radioactive chemicals and electronics. After painful months of changing into the man he is today Ivan came back to us wanting to help. So Ivan now "Eye" Gore is not only our mascot he at times our front man. He helps run our social media outlets.

"Uncle Tony"

[no image available]

No one at the show not only does not know what "Uncle Tony" looks like, but they don't think "Uncle Tony" is his real name. All communications from "Uncle Tony" are email only. Those at the show think "Uncle Tony" might be in the entertainment business because he (least they think he is a he) sends them music, ebooks and other entertainment items via email.

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