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Spoken Word Live Event. It’s a bootleg episode, not a Beta!

Posted in geek, geek life, hobbies, humor by thelongcoatmafia on August 31st, 2015

On Saturday August 29th we here at The Long Coat Mafia attended a Spoken Word event put on by Don Ramirez titled: "The Boys Club".

Since we had "Uncle Tony" with us along with our recording equipment we decided to record the event "Bootleg Style" 
 The Preformers at the event were: Keegan Abernathy, Steve Altman, Don Ramirez, Mike Grady, and the S.C.U.M. Collaborators.
The event was recorded at a local vegetarian cafe called Good Natured. 
Special thanks to Don Ramirez for inviting us and those at the event for letting us record. 

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Foo Fighting on down to Margaritaville

On this episode we talk to Loyd Hall (who tends to spell his name B. O. B.) about all about the different aspects music. We talk bout drums drive a beat and drummers to guitarists to how piracy can effect local bands. We also talk about how music we enjoy inspires today's music. The bands we mention range from Peal Jam, and Foo Fighers to Tom Petty and Queen. 

Also come listen to how loyd's fiance derails the show right after we drop the "F" bomb.
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